Gnome settings manager crashes at startup

This problem took a few hours for me to fix as I got sidetracked doing fsck stuff for awhile, somehow believing my disk was corrupt. I hope this saves someone else some trouble:
Gnome would crash on start up when I logged in as myself - it would crash with
The GNOME Session Manager (process ####) has crashed due to a fatal error (segmentation fault)
I could log in as root
I could start up Gnome apps like firefox
Others could log in with no problem

The problem is related to my LD_LIBRARY_PATH
I had /opt/sfw/lib BEFORE /usr/local/lib

Obviously one of the newer libraries or possibly a corrupted version of the same library was messing things up. From doing a compare of these directories in UltraEdit, I suspect one of the following culprits:

Putting /usr/local/lib first in the LD_LIBRARY_PATH corrected the problem. I would use /usr/local/lib for everything but there was a history of that being automounted when we were using Sparc machines.


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