Perl to Groovy Translator

Yes I am actually looking for one as I have decided to stop writing Perl completely and start migrating over old scripts as the need arises. This is a cumbersome task so it would be nice to have something that did the most basic translation to keep me from find-and-replace hell.

Why groovy over python or ruby?
1. Groovy has seamless access to all the Java libraries without making me deal with the sometimes unbearably verbose Java syntax.
2. Grails, the Groovy web framework, has quickly taken advantage of work done on Rails. I see little reason to use Ruby just for Rails unless Grails simply cannot catch up soon. I don't see much work on the web framework side of Python. Even the GWT is Java based.
3. IMO the IDE support is better for Groovy already.

However I must really be in the minority on this one from the google results:
perl-to-python: 48000 hits
perl-to-ruby: 3800 hits
perl-to-groovy: 1 hit

I am interested in seeing more Groovy benchmarks come out. Honestly most of the bottlenecks I have encountered in my career are database related, so I am not that concerned if a script takes 50% longer to run.

Will there ever be a Groovy for Bioinformatics textbook? I suspect before that happens Java will incorporate Groovy syntax to the point most will simply call it Java 8 or perhaps ABJ - "Almost Bearable Java"


  1. Me too sir!

    Unfortunately python is much more friendly to the perl mindset, being also awesomely and arbitrarily overcomplex. (Semantic indentation? No thanks, had enough of that with FORTRAN.)

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